Biomass Emissions

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Latest Developments…

    The Environmental Protection Agency March 21 published a proposed rule that would defer for three years greenhouse gas permitting requirements for new and modified industrial facilities that use crop residues, grass, wood, and other biomass for energy. EPA said it will use the three years to seek further independent scientific analysis of biomass emissions and develop a rule that lays out whether they should be considered emissions that trigger Clean Air Act permitting requirements for greenhouse gases. The agency announced the proposed rule March 14, the same day it issued guidance establishing that use of biomass as fuel can be considered best available control technology for carbon dioxide for large new and modified sources of air pollution. The guidance will apply until EPA completes an examination of the science associated with accounting for greenhouse gas emissions from biomass. EPA originally had included biomass-energy sources in prevention of significant deterioration permitting requirements issued under the agency’s greenhouse gas tailoring rule in June 2010 (75 FR 31514, 6/3/10). Responding to objections from members of Congress, EPA later agreed to reconsider its treatment of biomass emissions. EPA is taking comment on the proposed rule until May 5. Comments should be labeled with Docket id No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2011-0083 and may be submitted at
--You can find the text of the proposed rule in the Federal Register Archive

Did you know…?
    Clean Air Act permitting requirements for new and modified sources of greenhouse gas emissions took effect Jan. 2 under the act’s PSD provisions. PSD requires new and modified sources to control and get permits for emissions of regulated air pollutants. Emissions are controlled using BACT, determined individually at each facility. Until July 1, EPA is limiting PSD requirements for greenhouse gases to facilities that already are required to undergo PSD for other air pollutants. After July 11, PSD will apply to new facilities with emissions greater than 100,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide-equivalent or modified sources that increase emissions by the equivalent of 75,000 tons of carbon dioxide. According to EPA, this would include biomass energy facilities.
--Read more…in Air Pollution Control Guide on PSD permitting requirements for sources of greenhouse gas emissions

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