Blockchain Guru Vinay Gupta On the Future of ICOs, Smart Contracts and Regulation

Blockchain technologies are poised to revolutionize legal contracts, capital markets, traditional industries and government agency operations, Vinay Gupta, the CEO of, told Bloomberg Law in this video interview. But regulatory frameworks around the world need to be revamped to drive innovation while protecting investors leveraging the new technology, he said.

Gupta has a global perspective on blockchain development in government and industry. He helped coordinate the 2015 release of Ethereum, a blockchain that has been used to launch hundreds of new cryptocurrencies, tokens and applications and allowed entrepreneurs to raise billions of dollars. Gupta helped design Dubai’s strategy to become the first blockchain-powered government, serves on the U.K.-funded innovation initiative Digital Catapult, and now runs the funding firm Hexayurt Capital as well as Both projects are advancing the use of blockchain-enabled legal agreements, known as smart contracts.

Gupta’s interview is available in full above, as well as in part above:

·        Blockchain to Shape Law Firms’ Operations, Practice Areas

·        Cryptocurrencies Drive Market Opportunities, Fraud

·        New Regulatory Framework Needed for Emerging Tech Investments

·        Investor Behavior Complicates Blockchain Regulation

·        Government Blockchain Use Shines for Regtech, Identity Fraud

·        Traditional Industries Streamlined With Blockchain

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