Will Blomberg Law have certifications in more subject areas?


At our school we are always looking for resources that allow for flipping the classroom.  Bloomberg Law’s certification has been very helpful in that regard as the training modules are great, the videos allows us to flip the classroom when we cover different resources and tools, and the exam actually requires students to apply what they’ve learned.  I was wondering if you will have certifications in any more subject areas available soon.  Thank you!



Thanks for asking about Bloomberg Law Certification.  At the moment, we have four modules available:  Introduction and Navigation, Fundamental Legal Research, Litigation, and Transactional Law.  Introduction and Navigation and Fundamental Legal Research must both be completed for a student to achieve the basic Bloomberg Law Certification.  We are excited to announce a new certification module on Legislative and Regulatory Research.  All of the modules can be access from a number of places once you have logged into Bloomberg Law.  There is a hyperlinked banner on the landing page right below the Training and Events calendar which will direct you to the Bloomberg Law Certification Program page.  Certification is also accessible through any of the pages in the Law School Success section of the landing page, right below the Getting Started section.  We are thrilled that you appreciate our certification and look forward to your feedback.