Bloomberg BNA Announces 2013 Release Schedule for Wage Trend Indicator

Arlington, Va. (Jan. 9, 2013) - Bloomberg BNA, a leading publisher of specialized news and information, today announced the 2013 release schedule for its Wage Trend Indicator™ report.

The Wage Trend Indicator™ is released in 12 monthly reports per year showing the preliminary, revised, and final readings for each quarter. A leading indicator of compensation trends, the index is predictive of changes in the rate of private sector wage growth six to nine months in advance of official government data on wages. It was designed for Bloomberg BNA by economists Joel Popkin and Kathryn Kobe.

Wage Trend Indicator reports are published in Bloomberg BNA's Daily Labor Report and Daily Report for Executives, as well as other Bloomberg BNA publications. The report is available separately by email subscription. A summary is available at .

Bloomberg BNA announces the following 2013 release dates for the Wage Trend Indicator:

     Release Date


Wednesday, Jan. 16

           Final 4th Quarter 2012


Wednesday, Feb. 20

           Preliminary 1st Quarter 2013


Tuesday, March 19

           Revised 1st Quarter


Tuesday, April 16

           Final 1st Quarter


Wednesday, May 15

           Preliminary 2nd Quarter


Tuesday, June 18

           Revised 2nd Quarter


Tuesday, July 16

           Final 2nd Quarter


Tuesday, Aug. 20

           Preliminary 3rd Quarter


Tuesday, Sept. 17

           Revised 3rd Quarter


Wednesday, Oct. 16

           Final 3rd Quarter


Tuesday, Nov. 19

           Preliminary 4th Quarter


Tuesday, Dec. 17

           Revised 4th Quarter




Bloomberg BNA's Wage Trend Indicator is designed to serve as a yardstick for employers, analysts, and policymakers to identify turning points in private sector wage patterns. It also provides timely information for business and human resource analysts and executives as they plan for year-to-year changes in compensation costs.

More information on the Wage Trend Indicator is available at To obtain Wage Trend Indicator reports by email on a regular basis, contact Jerry Walsh, BNA PLUS, 800.372.1033, or

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