Bloomberg BNA Launches Major State Tax Expansion

Bloomberg BNA has launched a major expansion of its state tax product offerings. At a time when state taxes continue to grow in complexity and importance, Bloomberg BNA has added must-have analysis, developments, and practice tools that help tax practitioners save time and make confident decisions for their clients. 

These new product offerings are seamlessly integrated into Bloomberg BNA’s Premier State Tax Library, which includes rich practitioner-focused and multistate analysis, single-state perspectives, high-quality news, extensive primary sources, superior time-saving practice tools, and much more. 

“We asked both our clients and prospects for feedback on the state tax issues they have to deal with daily, and we created this unique state tax research solution, as part of our overall Tax and Accounting Center™ offering,” said George Farrah, Executive Editor of Tax & Accounting at Bloomberg BNA. “Providing both a multistate and single-state perspective, this intuitive all-in-one resource was created specifically to help today’s practitioners handle the distinct challenges around developing state tax strategies and complying with various state tax laws.”  

 Online, interactive tools offered on the newly enhancedPremier State Tax Library include:

  • Practitioner-focused state tax analysis and insight in over 75 renowned tax Portfolios.
  •  State-of-the-art Navigators — including Estates, Gifts and Trusts; Excise Tax; and Property Tax Navigators —allowing for the easy creation ofcharts that offer thorough explanations and relevant links to primary sources and additional information within Bloomberg BNA’s state tax analysis.
  • A State Tax Developments Tracker to keep users updated on the developments, jurisdictions and topics that are of most interest to them, including a customized email alerting feature.  
  • Trust, Sales & Use, and Corporate Income Nexus Evaluator tools to help save time and streamline your research on state nexus issues — a gray area of taxation for which there is often little guidance from state tax departments.The newest tool consists of two components to analyze trust nexus: an evaluator to detail specific nexus scenarios and generate detailed reports of each jurisdiction’s trust nexus, and a chart builder to create state-by-state comparison charts showing each state’s trust nexus polic es.
  • State Tax Chart Builders including Estates, Gifts and Trusts; Excise Tax; and Property Tax Chart Builders thatenable users to generate customized charts to compare requirements of the various state laws affecting each of these tax areas. The charts specify and sort criteria by topic or jurisdiction, and can also be edited, saved and exported into spreadsheet format for easy review and analysis.
  • Advanced functionality with the My States option to create shortcut views into favorite jurisdictions.
  • State archived Code and Regulations dating back to 2005 allowing greater access to original source material.

Bloomberg BNA’s Premier State Tax Library is featured on the Bloomberg BNA Tax & Accounting Center. For more information, call 800.372.1033, or go to  

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