Bloomberg BNA Release New Seventh Edition of “How Arbitration Works”

Bloomberg BNA has published the Seventh Edition to Elkouri & Elkouri: How Arbitration Works. Long considered by labor law and dispute resolution professionals to be the definitive treatise on labor arbitration, the treatise has been utilized and cited by advocates, arbitrators, and judges more than any other arbitration book published.

Elkouri & Elkouri: How Arbitration Works provides citations to hundreds of recent arbitration awards, as well as references to important judicial decisions, academic and professional commentary, administrative agency regulations and opinions, and federal and state legislation. The treatise also offers a table of all arbitration awards discussed in text or cited in footnotes, along with a table of arbitrators whose awards are cited in the volume. Topics in the chapters are identified by Bloomberg BNA’s Labor Arbitration Reports (LA) classification numbers, making it easy to do additional research in that reference service. The table of cases includes not only court cases but administrative cases as well.

The new Seventh Edition provides additional analysis that enhances the usefulness of the volume and incorporates major points of interest to labor relations practitioners. In-depth coverage of critical topics includes:

  • Arbitrators’ consideration of external law in labor arbitration
  • Legislation and litigation developing standards for evidentiary privilege as it relates to union shop stewards 
  • Arbitrators’ views on threats and violence
  • Reconsideration of the continued viability of the plain meaning rule
  • New case law on the unauthorized practice of law as it relates to labor arbitration 
  • Revision of the discussion of state and local government arbitration and interest arbitration in light of recent changes in state law

The editor-in-chief of the Seventh Edition of Elkouri& Elkouri: How Arbitration Works is Kenneth May, the lead editor of Labor Arbitration Reports, a component of Bloomberg BNA’s Labor Relations Reporter, and a member of the Executive Board of the Labor and Employment Relations Association. Associate Editors are: Patrick M. Sanders, previously a partner in Lathrop & Gage LLP representing management, now general counsel for the Mungenast Automotive Family, St. Louis, MO, and a past co-chair of the Committee on ADR in Labor and Employment Law; and Michelle T. Sullivan, a partner in Allotta, Farley & Widman Co., L.P.A., Toledo, OH, representing unions and employees, and a past co-chair of the Committee on ADR in Labor and Employment Law. This treatise is available for sale directly from Bloomberg BNA and also will be available on the Bloomberg Law legal research system.

The treatise is published in cooperation with the Committee on ADR in Labor and Employment Law, of the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law. Section publications provide a balanced forum for the views and professional development of practitioners in labor and employment law. For more information on Section participation, please call the Section at 312.988.5813 or