Business Intelligence Center on Bloomberg Law: Your Competitive Advantage


Ranked #1 Law Firm Business Intelligence Solution by National Law Journal readers, the Business Intelligence Center on Bloomberg Law helps you stay ahead of strategic opportunities for building deeper relationships with existing clients and win new business.

Bloomberg Law delivers a powerful suite of tools that draws on Bloomberg’s renowned news and financial data integrated with legal resources to help you identify and target new business development opportunities and stay current on the specific issues that most impact your clients.

Use one of our expertly crafted Business Intelligence Center templates or create any number of custom dashboards to:

  • Track more than 75,000 news sources by topic, from rumored mergers to bankruptcies to investigations, in order to get ahead of emerging developments that could impact your clients.
  • Stay ahead of market, regulatory, and legal developments with real time social media and docket alerts.
  • Choose from more than 3.5 million downloadable company profiles, each of which provides a single point of access for an entity’s available financial statements, shareholder information and filings, management profiles, credit ratings, capital structure data, SEC filings, and more.
  • Add your own messages, action items, or other notes directly to each dashboard and then share your dashboards with team members so that you can easily collaborate within your firm.
  • Access the most up-to-date information with dashboards that are automatically refreshed.