Bloomberg Law Now Includes Length-Of-Case Predictive Analytics

ARLINGTON, VA (December 6, 2017) — Subscribers to Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics tool can now instantly compare how long judges typically take to resolve cases, as well as how long cases take to resolve in specific jurisdictions and across all federal district courts.  This new functionality draws on docket information in Bloomberg Law’s vast databases to provide invaluable predictive analytics to help determine litigation strategy and estimate costs. This enhancement is now available to all current Bloomberg Law subscribers at no additional fee. To learn more about Litigation Analytics, visit

“One of the most significant factors in predicting the expense of litigation is the potential length of case, so Bloomberg Law has made it simple for litigators to quickly compare how judges and jurisdictions stack up based on case type,” said Darby Green, commercial director for litigation at Bloomberg Law. “The Litigation Analytics tool is a key component of Bloomberg Law’s diverse litigation solutions. We’re committed to improving and enhancing the functionality of these features to enable litigators and those who support them to better serve their clients and manage their business.”

The comparative analytics functionality applies data analysis and visualization to Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive collection of case law data, revealing insights that can inform litigation strategy. For instance, in the Middle District of Florida, employment cases take on average 315 days to resolve, but the analytics show wide variation:

  • Chief Judge Hon. Steven Douglas Merryday’s cases take significantly less time (217 days) than the district average, so counsel may be more inclined to go to trial.
  • In contrast, Hon. Charlene Edwards Honeywell averages 423 days, significantly longer than the district average, so counsel may recommend that a settlement be reached.

To learn more about the insights Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics tool can provide, download the Technology Snapshot at