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Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security brings you single-source access to the expertise of Bloomberg Law’s privacy and data security editorial team, contributing practitioners, and in-country experts together with unmatched practice tools, including chart builders and detailed country profiles, to help you mitigate risk and quickly respond to client inquiries with confidence.




Built to work the way you do, the easy-to-use, task-based interface helps you understand complex global issues, and quickly and proactively protect against risk.

Tools are organized through four core functions: Current News, Research, Advise, and Plan & Execute.


New! EU GDPR Developments Tool

Understand the multi-year GDPR adoption process and manage GDPR compliance with confidence. This unique resource provides deep analysis and research on legislative history, implementation milestones, trends in regulatory scrutiny, and all issued guidance and decisions. It also includes links to relevant news and editorial content.

In Practice: Privacy & Data Security

Find solutions easily with a repository of key forms, privacy policy drafting templates, glossaries, sample documents and clauses, checklists and timelines.

Chart Builders

Save time with exclusive, easy-to-use chart builders to quickly compare varying laws and requirements across multiple states and countries. Build charts by jurisdiction and topic for domestic breach notifications and medical records requirements and internationally for Global Workplace Privacy and Data Protection by country and topic. Medical Privacy Chart Builders include Medical Record Access, Retention and Disposal, Disclosure of Medical Information, and Special Protections for Sensitive Health Information.

All charts can be exported into Excel for quick sorting, note-taking, and sharing with colleagues and clients. 

Upcoming Enactments

View upcoming legislative enactments at the U.S. federal and state levels, and around the world. Zero in on a specific timeframe and link directly to the text of the law.




      Use Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security to stay on top of the latest breaking privacy and data security developments around the world. Our extensive network of reporters and correspondents helps you understand the implications of today’s developments. Bloomberg Law: Privacy & Data Security includes direct access to Privacy Law Watch™ and World Data Protection Report™ with the option to receive these services via email.

      Quickly zero in on the hottest areas of privacy and data security law based on topics covered in our industry leading notifications with an Activity Heat Map.


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      Advise confidently on domestic and international privacy requirements. Detailed Country Profiles developed by in-country experts give you strategic overviews of countries’ risk environments, emerging issues, regulatory frameworks, and privacy and data security outlooks so you know what’s current, and what’s ahead, around the world.

      Country Profiles

      Assembled by a team of international privacy and data security experts, access detailed content from in-country experts that help you answer questions about the privacy and data security landscape of a given country – including detailed analysis of the Risk Environment.


      Get the knowledge and perspective to confidently take action in specific areas of privacy and data security.

      Portfolio titles include FTC Privacy Enforcement, Health Information Privacy & Security,Cybersecurity and Data Breach, Cybersecurity and Privacy in Business Transactions: Managing Data Risk in Deals, Drafting Privacy Policies for Websites, Apps and Other Digital Services and more.


      Written by leading practitioners and academics, access Treatise titles including Practical Guide to the Red Flag Rules: Identifying and Addressing Identity Theft Risks, Cyber Liability in the Age of the New Data Security Laws, Cybersecurity, Global Employee Privacy and Data Security Law, Privacy in Employment Law, Proskauer on Privacy: A Guide to Privacy and Data Security Law in the Information Age and more.

      BNA Insights

      Understand the context and implications of today’s key legal and regulatory developments with this collection of incisive and timely articles from leading privacy and data security law practitioners. 


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      Agency Sources

      Access agency guidance from sources including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and more.

      Includes content from state and international agencies.

      State & Federal Sources

      View privacy and data security statutes and regulations on the federal, state, and international levels.

      Search state statutes by Topic including Breach Notification, Electronic Surveillance, Data Disposal and more.



      Available online 24/7 and updated continually.



      • Authentication
      • Background checks
      • Big Data
      • Behavioral advertising
      • Biometrics
      • Cloud computing
      • Consumer privacy
      • Corporate security
      • Credit
      • Cybercrime
      • Data breach notification
      • Data disposal
      • Data retention
      • Data security
      • Education and privacy
      • E-health
      • Email
      • Employee monitoring
      • Encryption
      • Enforcement actions
      • EU and global data protection laws
      • Financial privacy/security
      • FTC enforcement
      • Genetic information
      • Geo-location
      • Health privacy/security
      • Homeland security
      • Insurance
      • Malware
      • Marketing
      • Mobile devices
      • National security
      • Online behavioral advertising
      • Outsourcing
      • Privacy notices and policies
      • Social Media
      • Spam
      • Telemarketing




      • Cable Communications Policy Act
      • CAN-SPAM Act 
      • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
      • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
      • Drivers Privacy Protection Act
      • Electronic Communications Privacy Act
      • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
      • Fair Credit Reporting Act
      • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
      • Federal Trade Commission Act
      • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
      • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
      • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
      • Privacy Act
      • Right to Financial Privacy Act 
      • Stored Communications Act
      • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
      • Video Privacy Protection Act 
      • Wiretap Act