Bloomberg Law's Enhanced Litigation Analytics Enables Legal Professionals to Compare Judges to Jurisdictional and National Benchmarks

ARLINGTON, VA (October 23, 2017) — A new enhancement to Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics solution allows litigators to easily compare active federal district judges and jurisdictions, specifically with regard to motion outcomes and appeals outcomes. The new comparative analytics tool helps inform litigation strategy by providing insight into a judge’s actions and trends across jurisdictions within the context of the national average. This enhancement is now available to all current Bloomberg Law subscribers at no additional cost.  To learn more about Litigation Analytics, visit

The application of data analysis and visualization to Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive collection of case law data allows litigators to instantly identify distinctions among judges and jurisdictions, such as:  

  • Defense counsel in the Southern District of New York deciding what type of dispositive motion to file should consider a motion to dismiss (granted 54.3 percent) instead of a motion for summary judgment (granted 46.2 percent).
  • For those looking to file a class action suit in Texas, chances for a motion for class certification being granted are nearly doubled in the Southern District of Texas (56.6 percent) as opposed to the Eastern District of Texas (33.3 percent).

“Whether advising a client on litigation or settlement strategy or determining a more favorable venue to file suit, attorneys will benefit by having the ability to instantly compare individual judges and jurisdictions. Our latest analytics innovation allows them to do just that,” said Scott Mozarsky, president of Bloomberg Law. “As part of our commitment to continually add new features and functionality to Bloomberg Law, we have rolled out a number of enhancements over the past 18 months leveraging data, analytics, practical guidance and other content to enable our clients to be more productive and better serve their internal and external clients.”

The insights provided by this newest enhancement to Litigation Analytics can strengthen attorneys’ decision-making capabilities.  For example, when defense counsel learns that a presiding judge has a low likelihood of granting a motion to dismiss, the attorney may be more eager to try and reach a settlement.  For forum shopping purposes, the ability to compare motion outcomes helps litigators determine a venue for filing a class action. Appeal outcomes comparisons offer similar insights into judges and jurisdictions, and provide litigators with the data to evaluate – and explain to their clients – the risks associated with an appeal of an unfavorable decision.

As with the many other product enhancements and new solutions introduced on Bloomberg Law in 2017, the release of comparative analytics demonstrates a continued commitment to technology investment and product innovation. 

To learn more about the insights Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics can provide, download the Technology Snapshot at

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