Bloomberg, Navigant Briefing on Cybersecurity Threats


Ubiquitous cybersecurity threats are becoming the norm in the increasingly-connected modern world, and such threats will have significant political impact in the future, capable of influencing elections, cybersecurity professionals recently said at a briefing hosted by Bloomberg Next and Navigant Consulting Inc.

National Intelligence Council Chairman Gregory Treverton described it as “new tactics in an old game with new technologies enabling it.” For now, hackers are stealing sensitive information and are making them publicly available, but in the future, hackers may manipulate the information, he said. It’s not just about money anymore, Treverton said during a panel at the event, The Everyday Challenge: On the Offensive for Cyber Threats, moderated by Michael Riley, reporter at Bloomberg News.

In order to effectively fight cybersecurity threats, Scott Smith, assistant director of FBI’s Cyber Division, recommended reporting suspicious activities. The FBI isn’t automatically notified of threats and intrusions, Smith said. If alerted early enough, the FBI can address the threats before it’s too late, he said.

During a panel discussion moderated by Bloomberg BNA Privacy & Data Security News Managing Editor Donald G. Aplin, industry professionals discussed various legal and regulatory issues associated with the evolving cybersecurity environment. 

The recent distributed denial of service attacks, which shut down the internet for many users on the East Coast, is “proof” of injury that cybersecurity threats can cause, Kevin Moriarty, senior attorney at the Division of Privacy and Identity Protection at the Federal Trade Commission, said. Going forward, the problem will be proving causation—linking an alleged injury to a specific cybersecurity incident or threat. With regard to future FTC enforcement subject areas, Moriarty said that as more devices are becoming connected, “it makes sense to get into more internet of things enforcement cases.”

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