Bloomberg Law’s Bankruptcy Practice Center features the tools and resources that help you stay up-to-date on changes in bankruptcy and restructuring; track recent filings, motions, and decisions; and implement revisions to bankruptcy rules and forms. From detailed intelligence on federal and bankruptcy court dockets and opinions, to step-by-step guidance through all levels of the bankruptcy process from American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) treatises, Bloomberg Law helps increase the value you bring to your clients.


You will also get access to Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise --  your comprehensive digital resource for federal bankruptcy law. Authored by leading practitioners, judges and law professors, Bloomberg Law: Bankruptcy Treatise provides thorough and detailed analysis of the federal bankruptcy code, the federal bankruptcy rules, and state local rules. The treatise includes more than 600 chapters of up-to-date content from over 60 leading practitioners, law professors and judges to confidently answer common and complex questions 

Bloomberg Law Bankruptcy

Get a deeper understanding of bankruptcy law issues with our extensive collection of books and treatises written by top practitioners for practitioners. Take advantage of treatises from the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), which help practitioners of all levels get up to speed quickly on a wide variety of crucial topics. Choose from the ABI primers and guides on fundamental concepts of bankruptcy law or use one of the treatises that provides step-by-step guidance for particular players in the bankruptcy process. Easily find what you need in an ABI treatise by using keywords to search the table of contents or the text under a specific heading.

Unlimited, unrestricted searching and alerting for dockets makes it easy to learn more and save time. Bloomberg Law enables you to quickly search U.S. bankruptcy filings by chapter number and to find U.K. insolvency filings. You also can start searches by type of court and specific court across U.S. opinions, dockets, or local rules.

Stay current on bankruptcy news and issues your clients care about. Bill Rochelle, editor-at-large and bankruptcy columnist for Bloomberg News, keeps you up to date on the latest bankruptcy issues each weekday through the Bankruptcy Morning. The Morning provides an overview of the day’s top bankruptcy news.

  • Courts, Opinions & Dockets from the Federal and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, plus the U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (BAP). Additional resources like Bankruptcy Basics, published by the Administrative Office of the United States Bankruptcy Courts, provide key information on the federal bankruptcy laws.
  • Federal Laws & Rules include the Bankruptcy Code (U.S.C. Title 11) and a quick reference guide to other bankruptcy provisions in the U.S. Code; the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 and prior bankruptcy acts; and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, including official bankruptcy forms.
  • State Laws & Uniform Acts provide quick reference to state insolvency laws, the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer and Conveyance Acts, plus a detailed outline of the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Bankruptcy Filings make it easy to search through our database of bankruptcy dockets, access a listing of significant Chapter 15 cross-border insolvency proceedings or browse the most recent Chapter 11 filings.
  • Books & Treatises give you valued access to timely insight on a particular area of bankruptcy law with a variety of practical guidance publications from the Practising Law Institute (PLI), quick overviews of international laws through the Getting the Deal Through series, writings from the American Bar Association (ABA), and other materials like American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) treatises. 
  • Bloomberg BNA Law Reports such as the Bankruptcy Law Reporter™, keep you informed on timely bankruptcy issues that your clients care about.
  • Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Businessweek, and the Bankruptcy News page together offer relevant news from thousands of sources.