Bloomberg Law App

The Bloomberg Law app delivers the news and analysis you need to stay on top of the developments impacting your work – no matter where you are. Get timely, personalized updates from trusted Bloomberg BNA and Bloomberg News sources and track business opportunities for existing and prospective clients.

Download the app to take advantage of many features that powerfully deliver relevant content integrated into your workflow.

With the Bloomberg Law app on your smartphone, you will:

  • View news and analysis targeted to your interests.
  • Follow news, litigation, and market performance of your clients, prospects, and other companies on your Watchlist.
  • Read your BNA Law Reports, receive your email notifications and sign up for others.
  • Receive your latest Bloomberg Law alerts for legal and news searches.
  • Access legal documents and news articles in your Queue, even when you are offline.
  • Easily track dockets, opinions or bills in your interest areas.
  • Share legal documents and news with other Bloomberg Law subscribers.

The new Bloomberg Law app is now available in the App Store and Google Play™ Store.