BNA Books’ How To Cost Your Labor Contract, Second Edition

The Second Edition of How to Cost Your Labor Contract provides an in-depth examination of costing issues from experts in academics, negotiation, and labor arbitration. The publication of the new edition was announced today by BNA Books, a division of specialized news and information publisher BNA.

     The new Second Edition includes:

  • An expanded costing methodology for labor contracts, with the latest information on items now being considered in bargaining
  • A discussion of the use of technology to improve, advance, and coordinate bargaining
  • A step-by-step outline of what a bargaining team needs to do to prepare for negotiations, with specific information on setting up a costing model
  • A section on how to prepare, present, and respond to costing proposals during negotiations, with explanations of the techniques that are most effective and those most likely to fail at the table
  • A discussion on how to apply interest-based bargaining techniques to the economic components of negotiation
  • A section on specific public sector issues in bargaining, covering the public employer’s ability to pay, how comparability and parity factor into public sector bargaining, and how local or state tax rates are impacted
  • An exploration of arbitrators’ key consideration in deciding economic components of public sector collective bargaining disputes, outlining the most persuasive techniques and tips for making effective presentations

How to Cost Your Labor Contract, Second Edition offers the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand explanation on how to calculate the economic impact of wages, benefits, and work practices for anyone who is involved in labor contract costing. Few, if any, publications reach the level of sophistication and depth of this volume.

Michael H. Granof, co-author of How to Cost Your Labor Contract, Second Edition, has been a professor of accounting at University of Texas, Austin, TX, since 1972. His research and teaching interests include accounting in governmental and nonprofit organizations and financial accounting.

Jay E. Grenig, co-author of How to Cost Your Labor Contract, Second Edition, is a professor of law at Marquette University Law School, where he teaches alternative dispute resolution and civil procedure. From 1972 through 1977, he was in the private practice of law in San Mateo and San Francisco, and since 1977, he has served as an arbitrator in over 3,000 public- and private-sector cases.

Moira J. Kelly, co-author of How to Cost Your Labor Contract, Second Edition, is an adjunct assistant professor at Marquette University Law School, Milwaukee, WI, and president of Kelly Consulting LLC, New Berlin, WI, a firm that concentrates in consulting and training on dispute resolution, labor relations, and organization effectiveness.



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