The BNAConvergence team is getting ready to launch a series of improvements with enhanced tools and intuitive interface enabling you to get access to the latest industry analysis in a format customized for you, by you. 


Highlighted features include:

  • Streamlined drag-and-drop search functionality providing finely-tuned, customized data
  • Updated newsletter capabilities so you can easily distribute actionable insight and intelligence to clients and colleagues.
  • Insightful metrics that will help you determine what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Easily integrate your BNA docket feeds that help you track case developments as they happen

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Our search interface allows you to combine specialized taxonomy terms and keywords in many ways and adjust the relative importance of each concept.


More than 100,000 pre-built dashboards enable quick, up-to-the-minute viewing of clients, competition, stock information, SEC filings, and industries. BNAConvergence® dashboards are highly filtered to ensure relevance, and also provide deeper search capability and trending analysis with one click. A mobile version is also available for on-the-go access.


BNACustomClip™ is a news clipping service that combines our powerful, patented taxonomy with the expertise of a Bloomberg BNA information specialist to bring you critical news and information about specific subject areas of your choice.


Get access to general news and commentary, as well as specialized legal and government news and commentary.


Critical information can be distributed to users across your organization with an unlimited number of reports. A variety of reporting options are available, including email, RSS feeds, and embedded dashboards. Email and dashboards can be customized with your company’s logo.



Current Notification: analysis, guidance, and primary source material.

For more information on this product, please contact Bloomberg BNA’s Customer Contact Center at 800.372.1033 or your Bloomberg BNA representative.

Formats and Frequency

BNAConvergence is an online tool with continuous updating.


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