With Corporate Tax Analyzer™ from Bloomberg Tax you gain the utmost precision, control, and visibility over every aspect of corporate income tax management. Calculations, analysis, and reporting are all handled automatically, with far greater efficiency and peace of mind than those done with spreadsheets.

Corporate Tax Analyzer is the only software that automates and manages complex federal corporate income tax attributes over multiple years. It accelerates the IRS audit process and optimizes outcomes.

  • Includes IRC Section 168(k)(4) worksheet that does all the required calculations for comparing the effects of forgoing bonus depreciation for refundable credits and for making the election.
  • Robust, multi-functional engine precisely calculates and tracks carryovers and carrybacks for Net Operating Losses (NOLs), Foreign Tax Credits (FTCs), General Business Credits (GBCs), and other complex tax attributes.
  • Provides multiyear tax analysis for planning and FIN 48 analysis: Comprehensive, multiyear, what-if modeling capabilities enable quick and easy analysis of tax scenarios for improved planning and decision making.
  • Delivers tax and financial documentation and reporting to help meet 10K, FAS 109, FIN 48, and other financial requirements.


Industry Expertise

As a Corporate Tax Analyzer user, you have access to the best tax and accounting know-how in the business. From implementation and training, to corporate taxation consulting services, the Bloomberg Tax experts are with you every step of the way.

Support and Training

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make optimal use of Corporate Tax Analyzer. We offer online and on-site training to suit the needs of tax compliance, audit, and planning professionals. Bloomberg Tax also offers industry-leading support with free, unlimited technical support (800.424.2938), staffed by knowledgeable subject matter experts, plus Web support that provides interim releases, FAQs, and more.