Combined with the most robust estate tax calculator available, Estate & Gift Tax Planner allows you to create accurate, professional, and compelling estate plans and presentations for your clients, no matter how large or complex the estate. Estate & Gift Tax 706 Preparer makes filing estate tax returns a quick, accurate, and cost-effective process, enabling you to file confidently and on time. Estate & Gift Tax 709 Preparer simplifies gift tax form preparation, saving you time and effort while ensuring accuracy.

Give your clients accurate, professional, and compelling estate plans and presentations, and comply with 706 and 709 filing requirements.  

Estate & Gift Tax Planner

  • Calculates federal and state estate and inheritance taxes from 1987 forward.
  • Includes complex, interrelated calculations for marital, charitable, and state deductions, including interrelated residue calculation.
  • Integrated support for interrelated, marital, charitable trusts, GST, and more.
  • Handles calculations for states that “decoupled” from changes to the federal estate tax brought about by the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA); lets you calculate state estate or inheritance taxes for years before or after the EGTRRA law change.
  • Computes Sec. 6166 interrelated interest deduction or deferred payment of estate tax, including special holding company calculation.


Tax Software
Estate & Gift Tax 706 Preparer: Estate Tax Return Preparation Software

  • Federal estate tax calculations and state estate tax calculations for all applicable states and the District of Columbia, including "decoupled" states.
  • Complex estate tax calculations including interrelated marital and charitable deductions, split interest charitable trusts, CLAT/CRAT, CLUT/CRUT, and pooled income funds.
  • Zero federal tax handling.
  • Optional links to Bloomberg Tax Management EGT Web Portfolios (available to Bloomberg Tax subscribers only)

Estate & Gift Tax 709 Preparer: Gift Tax Return Preparation Software

  • Calculates split gifts accurately with automatic posting of gift information and direct import from the spouse’s 709 return.
  • Automatically supports marital deduction.
  • Supports generation-skipping transfers (GST).

Key Benefits

Estate & Gift Tax Planner

Create sophisticated estate tax plans and presentations for your clients that help them minimize their tax obligations. The simple interface with on-screen access to worksheets and easy-to-use planning tools makes it easy to develop multiple cases with different planning strategies within each case. 

Estate & Gift Tax 706 Preparer: Estate Tax Return Preparation Software

Make filing estate tax returns quick, accurate, and cost-effective, enabling you to file on time and, just as importantly, with confidence. A BNA 706 Preparer exclusive – two years of calculations – lets you finalize IRS Form 706 due in the current form year and start work on returns before the next form release – a great advantage when dealing with high volume or complicated estate tax returns.

Estate & Gift Tax 709 Preparer: Gift Tax Return Preparation Software

Simplify accurate gift tax form preparation while saving time and effort. You’ll complete returns faster and with greater confidence, while streamlining and improving client communications with automated letters and reports about your clients' gift tax return.

Support and Training

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to make fast, optimal use of your Estate & Gift Tax™ software with NASBA-CPE accredited, Web-based training classes. Our curriculum is taught by CPAs and domain experts with specialized knowledge in tax accounting and planning.


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