BNACompanyDash™ brings you filtered, focused, crucial information about a corporate entity — in an easy-to-understand dashboard format.
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Bloomberg BNA’s dynamic, patent-pending technology allows you access to dashboards with the highly specific information that you need to monitor what the media is saying about your company. Keep up with competitive intelligence, track your clients in the news, monitor government agencies, check SEC filings, pursue new business development opportunities, spot industry trends, and create or expand new practice groups.


BNACompanyDash™ uses powerful proprietary taxonomies to create a custom dashboard on any publicly traded U.S. corporation or any large U.S. private or international corporation.  With a few clicks of the mouse, for example, you can re-group and filter your news stories to learn how a company of interest to you is interacting with other companies or law firms, and focus this search on a specific industry sector.

Gather targeted, focused news results selected from all Bloomberg BNA Current Reports — plus more than 20,000 additional sources.


Librarians and Knowledge Managers
  • Use BNACompanyDash™’s innovative technology to monitor company news to stay up-to-date. Monitor government agencies, actions, SEC filings, and other crucial data points. BNACompanyDash™ provides exactly the types of information that help librarians strengthen their competitive intelligence expertise and enable them to contribute to new business development.
Public Relations/Communications Managers
  • The breadth of BNACompanyDash™ information sources combined with our dynamic proprietary taxonomies give Public Relations/Communications Managers cutting-edge options for media monitoring and reputation management. Track your company in the news according to criteria such as practice area, government agency, business event, or competitor, and receive relevant articles from local, national, and international sources.
Marketing Directors
  • Precise industry information allows Marketing Directors to identify cross-selling opportunities and note which other companies or firms are doing business with their company or clients.
  • BNACompanyDash™ offers attorneys an immediate way to track their clients in the news. Keep abreast of difficulties your clients are facing, prepare quickly for a client meeting, or perform targeted research to deepen key client relationships.
Competitive Intelligence Professionals
  • Competitive Intelligence Professionals can find out who is doing business with their potential customers or clients, and what their potential clients’ needs are. Organize your dashboard to keep abreast of stock quotes, leadership and competitor information, SEC filings, and other intelligence that will give you an edge in competing for new business.
Mergers and Acquisitions Analysts
  • BNACompanyDash™’s taxonomies give Mergers and Acquisitions Analysts a precise and flexible way to evaluate fiscal information, company news, leadership information, and other key data points on a company. Use the most current news filtering technology available to weigh the risks and benefits of a potential strategic alliance or transaction.
C-Suite Executives
  • BNACompanyDash™’s dynamic proprietary taxonomies give C-Suite Executives insights into the marketplace and help set a strategy for long-term growth. At your fingertips, you’ll find leadership and financial information, updates on mergers and acquisitions, government agency news, SEC filings, and more.


Product Structure
Dashboard format.

Print and Web notification formats are issued and available weekly. Print current reports are indexed quarterly, culminating annually. Web current reports are archived to 02.08.1996. 
Email summaries, providing the highlights and table of contents for each report, with URLs to full text articles and documents are also available.

For more information on this product, please contact Bloomberg BNA’s Customer Contact Center at 800.372.1033, or contact your Bloomberg BNA Representative.