Books, Treatises and MARC records on Bloomberg Law




How many Books and Treatises are currently available on Bloomberg Law, and are there MARC Records available for those titles?




Hi, thanks for your questions.  As of September 2016, there are over 700 Books & Treatises available on Bloomberg Law.  We have titles from the following publishers:  American Law Institute, American Bankruptcy Institute, American Bar Association, Bloomberg BNA, Federal Judicial Center, Getting the Deal Through, James Publishing, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, North Carolina Continuing Legal Education, Oregon State Bar, and Wiley Press.  We have MARC Records, available at no cost to Bloomberg Law subscribers for the titles published by the American Bankruptcy Institute, American Law Institute, American Bar Association, BBNA, Federal Judicial Center, Getting the Deal Through, James Publishing, and Wiley Press.  We also have MARC Records available for BBNA Law Reports and BBNA Portfolios Books & Treatises.  These records were created by Matthew Newton, a cataloger in the BBNA Library, and are available for download on the Librarian Resources page in the Law School Success section of the Bloomberg Law landing page.