Brandon Dunigan, CPA

Minneapolis, MN


Tax return review and tax planning for closely held businesses.  I apply my knowledge and interpret laws, regulations, and standards to make recommendations to clients regarding tax issues.

Major issues encountered:

All of the many activities that may subject a company to nexus in a particular state.

Years a Bloomberg BNA subscriber:

One Year

Bloomberg BNA products most often used:

State Tax Nexus Tools

Real Problems. Real Solutions.

We work with a startup company who recently finished the development stage of their product and is now moving into a sales and marketing phase of their business. They had a plan to attend numerous conferences and conventions across the country to promote the new product, but they were nervous about the sales tax implications for each state.

I have used other products before, but it was very easy for me to quickly prepare a chart using the Bloomberg BNA State Tax Nexus Tools. I discussed the chart with the client, and the chart allowed us to efficiently recognize the activities that caused nexus and give them a better idea of the states on which to focus their sales activities. We quickly moved on to the states that they were most interested in pursuing, and we further discussed the specific aspects of nexus that would affect them. Specifically, we looked at how long they would be attending the conferences and how they were going to complete each sale and take orders. I was able to promptly address most of their questions and it allowed them to move forward with more certainty.

I would definitely recommend the Bloomberg BNA State Tax Nexus Tools to a colleague because I have used them in multiple situations and they have given me reliable answers in a short amount of time.