Business Intelligence Center

The Business Intelligence Center brings together business development and corporate intelligence tools and resources to keep you informed and ahead of emerging developments that impact your organization, your clients and your business partners, as well as helping you target valuable prospects.


The Business Intelligence Center can be accessed under the Business Intelligence tab (formerly known as Companies & Markets) or directly from the Home Page.




The Business Intelligence Center provides easy access to a number of business development and competitive intelligence resources, including:


  • 3.5+ million Company Profiles
  • Deal Analytics
  • Company Report Writer
  • EDGAR filings
  • Company Screener
  • Bloomberg Briefs
  • People Search
  • Bloomberg League Tables
  • Company Watchlist
  • Law Firm Client Memos
  • Litigation Analytics
  • Social Velocity Alerts
  • Breaking Complaints
  • Big Law Business
  • Dockets
  • Bloomberg Gadfly

The Business Intelligence Center also offers the ability to create an unlimited number of fully custom Dashboards populated with the tools and searches you choose.


Dashboards can be created from scratch or by starting with one of our pre-made Template dashboards.


Templates put on a single page all of the Bloomberg Law searches and tools available to perform a specific business development or company intelligence task or practice-area research. Templates include guidance on how the information can be used for the task in question.


Templates can be accessed from the Business Intelligence Center landing page:


Once you select a Template, you will be prompted to fill in selected fields that will then populate the page:


The Template will generate the searches over the choices you have made:


Templates also provide helpful hints on using specific resources:


You can save each Template as a new custom Dashboard and edit it further yourself:


And then:



This provides the ability to remove, add and move tiles, as well as change the different search criteria.



When creating a Dashboard from scratch, you can add any number of individual tiles to a blank Dashboard. Tiles display results for different types of searches available on Bloomberg Law. Currently available search-based tile types include News, Dockets, EDGAR, EDGAR 10-K Risk Factors, Law Reports and Company Screener. 


You can edit searches using the search criteria accessible directly from the tile or, you can modify additional search criteria by clicking on “View More” from the front of the tile:



And then selecting “Modify” to access all search criteria:


Once you run a new search, you can create a tile directly from the search results page:


You can also create tiles for your Dashboard from any saved searches you may have previously created on Bloomberg Law:


In addition, you can add notes to your Dashboards using a Notes tile.


You can name, move and resize (small, medium and large) the tiles on a Dashboard. You can set alerts from any of your tiles:


You can name your Dashboards and share them by email with any Bloomberg Law user at your organization:


Shared Dashboards can be edited only by the sender, not by the recipient(s). Any changes the sender makes to the Dashboard will be viewable by a recipient the next time the recipient accesses or refreshes the Dashboard link.


Dashboards are refreshed automatically, so the most up-to-date results will always appear first.


You can set the Business Intelligence Center or any one of your Dashboards as your homepage:


The former Business Development Center will remain accessible from the new Business Intelligence Center. You can view a short video showing the new Business Intelligence Center HERE.