See The Big Picture

Stand out from your competitors, offer optimal client advice, and find new business for your firm leveraging any number of fully customized Business Intelligence Center dashboards that pinpoint just the information that matters to you. Save even more time by starting with our expert-designed templates. Easily track company information, EDGAR filings, dockets, social media, and recent news stories that could impact your business or your clients.

Stay up to speed on developments as the information on your dashboard is continually refreshed.

Pinpoint Specific Insights

Quickly monitor key information drawn from across Bloomberg Law® from more than 75,000 strategically tagged news sources, along with millions of company and people profiles.

Drill down from the big picture to understand the nuances of specific issues. Narrow your source feeds using keyword and industry-specific filters. All so you can bring relevant legal and market intelligence to the decisions you make and the advice you give every day.

Research Your Competition

From building client relationships to preparing for pitch meetings and seizing business opportunities, Bloomberg Law makes it easier for you to gain a leading edge and differentiate your law firm. Bloomberg Law features exclusive Litigation Analytics which graphically show the top law firms representing a particular company and the top companies a particular law firm represents in federal litigation, as well as trends in the types of cases being litigated.

That way, you can not only see what your competition is doing, you can also look for pieces of the case that aren’t being handled.

Know Your Client

Arm yourself with the corporate information critical to tailoring your legal advice to the practical and anticipated needs of your client. Start with our Company Screener, which allows you to pinpoint companies that are competitors or potential clients, based on specific financial criteria you select. 

In addition, Bloomberg Law features detailed Company Profiles, which provide important and valuable information about a company, curated by the business experts at Bloomberg. Each profile contains available information on different aspects of a client’s business, which may include financials, key shareholder information and filings, management profiles, capital structure information, SEC filings, latest news, stock performance charts, and more.

Understand The Market

Only Bloomberg Law offers you business-focused news and analysis sourced from the Bloomberg Terminal, so you’ll be aware of breaking developments as they happen. 

From Bloomberg Briefs, exclusive industry newsletters synthesized for business clients and accessible by lawyers, to Dockets and alertable news tagged by topics that can be instrumental in identifying possible red flags, such as rumored mergers, bankruptcies, or investigations, before they escalate into full-fledged legal actions, Bloomberg Law provides everything you need to master the business of law.

Make Better Decisions With Focused Intelligence

Quickly see what’s new related to the corporations, industries, and topics you choose. Better understand the businesses and key players that matter to you, and utilize that intelligence to advise clients and make strategic decisions.

Facilitate collaboration and keep everyone on the same page.