California Governor Against Tax Hikes, Seeks To Revamp Enterprise Zones in Budget Plan

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By Laura Mahoney

SACRAMENTO, Calif.--Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said May 14 he wants to restructure and cap tax incentives available under the state Enterprise Zone program to target small businesses that hire disadvantaged workers more effectively, but said he does not support other specific tax increase proposals pending in the Legislature.

At a news conference to discuss his revised budget plan for the fiscal year that begins July 1, Brown said Proposition 30, the measure approved by voters in November 2012 to increase personal income and state sales tax rates, was enough for now. Lawmakers are weighing bills that would impose new taxes or increase tax rates on specific items including bullets, sugary soda, oil extraction, and cigarettes.

“We just got a nice tax,” Brown said. “I think we ought to take a deep breath and show how we're spending it in a wise way before we start looking around for more money.”

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