California Meal and Rest Periods: Employer Obligations

This report covers the basic meal and rest period requirements for California employers, the additional hour of pay penalty for failing to provide an appropriate meal period or authorize rest periods, and other meal and rest period issues employers need to consider.

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Issues surrounding the requirements to provide meal and rest periods have challenged employers throughout the state of California. Meal and rest periods are an entitlement, enforced by the state for nonexempt and some exempt employees. Requirements range from 30-minute meal periods to ten-minute rest periods, depending on employee work hours and classification.

Confusion over how to interpret these seemingly simple requirements leaves a number of issues open to interpretation. To determine their obligations, employees and employers have been forced to turn to the courts. Employers should continue to monitor the status of court decisions in this area and consult with legal counsel as needed to ensure compliance with the latest developments.

All California employers should review their policies regarding meal and rest periods. Employers are encouraged to be prepared to protect against meal and rest period premium pay claims. Employers must take certain steps in order to protect themselves and prepare against possible claims.

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