Capitol Hill Watch: IP, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Tech & Telecom



The August congressional recess is coming to a close. That means it’s back to legislating for lawmakers returning to Washington, DC. 

Several intellectual property, telecom, cybersecurity, privacy, and tech-related bills are already pending. Bloomberg BNA telecom reporter Tara Jeffries sums up a list of the legislation to watch. 

Among the issues Bloomberg BNA is tracking: a series of cybersecurity bills are pending in the House and Senate after recent large-scale cyberattacks put more pressure on Congress to set guidance and update standards.

The Senate has already passed the MOBILE NOW Act in an effort to open up more internet and telecom airwaves to private industry by 2020. The bill, which proponents say would help pave the way for 5G, the next generation of superfast internet technology, awaits House action.

Meanwhile, a bill that would empower the president, not the Library of Congress, to appoint the country’s top copyright official passed the House earlier this year and is now being mulled in the Senate Rules Committee.

The House could vote on a bill that would set a national regulatory framework for self-driving vehicles as early as September, while Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee aides said they hope legislation will be introduced in the Senate.

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