Carol Haecker CPA

Tax Director
Carol Haecker is a Firm Director in Deloitte Tax LLP’s Washington International Tax Services and International Tax Compliance Practices.  Prior to joining Deloitte in May 2002, Carol was a principal with Arthur Andersen.  Carol spent 20 years in Andersen’s Chicago office prior to moving to its Office of Federal Tax Services in Washington D.C. in 2001.  Carol has 33 years of experience in international tax and advises multinational clients on primarily outbound areas of international taxation with an emphasis on earnings and profits (E&P), controlled foreign corporations, subpart F, passive foreign investment companies, source and character of income, expense allocation and apportionment, foreign tax credits and foreign currency.  In addition, Carol advises clients on international tax compliance and reporting issues.  

As a member of the International Tax Compliance Team. Carol works with multinational clients to enhance tax processes and unlock the value of international tax opportunities through comprehensive data management and quantitative analysis.  Carol brings 33 years of quantitative analytical skills to the ITC Team in such as areas as:  attribute studies (E&P and foreign tax pools, basis, previously taxed income, branch equity pools, overall foreign losses); modeling and financial analysis for acquisitions, dispositions, restructuring and repatriation planning; international tax data management and reporting (SFAS 109, APB 23, international tax compliance); and international tax data integration.  She has 12 years of experience using Corptax for international tax compliance.   

Carol has co-developed the “International Tax Compliance and Reporting Services Process” [“IT CRS Process”], a standard methodology built using Deloitte OnLine [DOL] technology, for use by International Tax Service Line [“IT”] professionals for international tax compliance engagements encompassing Forms 1118, 5471, 5472, 8621, 8858 and 8865.   The IT CRS Process is a streamlined process and methodology for a) project management, b) data retention (paperless tax file) and c) toolkit warehouse.  In addition, it includes a built-in approval process where IT professionals and the Client can approve workpapers, tax returns, statements and attachments instantaneously without postal or internal physical mail delays.  Since the IT CRS Process has been built using DOL technology it provides 24-hour access to the audit trail and work history throughout an international tax compliance project.   

Carol’s responsibilities also include providing training for our U.S. India tax professionals in Hyderabad, India in the international tax technical and tax transaction reporting areas and assists in Corptax tax technology training as well. Our IT Hyderabad tax professionals prepare Forms 1118, 5471, 5472, 8621, 8858 and 8865s for Deloitte Tax LLP. 

Carol has also spoken on various international tax topics at seminars conducted by the World Trade Institute and Council for International Tax Education.  She has been an instructor for the international tax courses in DePaul University’s MST Program.  Carol is a co-author of “A Practical Guide to Applying DASTM to the Current and Prior Taxable Years” which appeared in the Tax Advisors’ Forum column in Tax Notes International.  She has also assisted colleagues in writing numerous articles for the “International Developments” column for The Journal of Corporate Taxation as well as “Managing the Repatriation Decision:  The Multinational’s Dilemma”, which was published in the 1991 Annual Federal Tax Conference edition of Taxes.

M.B.A., Finance – International Business, University of Chicago (1987) 
B.S.B.A., Accounting & Economics, Valparaiso University (1981)
American Accounting Association Arthur H. Carter Scholar (1980)

Bloomberg BNA Tax Management Portfolios:
(Commissioned) 932 T.M., Foreign Corporation Earnings and Profits (co-author)