Carolina Soteldo

Junior Partner
Carolina Soteldo

A Financial Control Consultant and Accounting and Tax Adviser, Carolina Soteldo is also Of Counsel at Torres Plaz Y Araujo, with proven experience in the areas of consulting on corporate finance, adoption and implementation of the best practices in accounting matters, structuring or operation of the Corporate Governance in Middle-size, Small and Family Businesses; and advice in tax matters, with special attention to and a comprehensive view of the legal framework and applicable legal instruments, both with respect to estate planning, corporate and business structuring in various sectors and financial matters in general, and in the ongoing performance and internal control of tax obligations derived from the operating and financial activities of entities from a variety of sectors, such as banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, food, nonprofit entities, construction, and others.

She also has solid experience in following administrative proceedings at the various instances of the public administration with jurisdiction over tax matters, and has provided professional support in contentious-tax proceedings.

She is currently a member of the Legal and Tax Commission of Conindustria, of the Finance Committee of Venamcham and a member, as founding Vice-President, and of the Finance and Tax Committee of the British Chamber (Britcham).

Master in Finance, Intituto de Estudios Speriores Administrativos (IESA) (2013)
Tax Specialist, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (1998)
Master of Finance, UCLA Barquisimeto Venezuela (1994)