Cat Supply Company Feeling Catty Over Rival Hack


In a “tail” as old as time, two rivals aren’t toying around. 

Cat product subscription companies KitNipBox and Meowbox are clawing at each other in federal court over claims that one of the companies ran a malicious code in an effort to poach clients. 

KitNipBox claims that representatives of Meowbox “illegally hacked into KitNipBox’s website in order to gain confidential information and trade secrets”. Specifically, KitNipBox alleges that Meowbox ran malicious code on KitNipBox’s website that spammed the company’s inbox with more than 8,000 e-mail requests in an alleged “denial of service attack” (DoS). The attack allowed Meowbox to obtain a list of KitNipBox’s customers. 

After the cyberattack KitNipBox hired a third party cybersecurity firm to investigate who was behind the malicious code. The investigators discovered that it was one of the founders of Meowbox that had executed the code. 

We may not know which company has “su-purr-ior products,” but time will tell who wins this cat fight. 

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