The Catalan Data Protection Authority Holding Competition for Data Protection Solutions


The Catalan Data Protection Authority is holding its fourth annual privacy and data protection contest. This year, with a nod to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, the Agència Catalana de Protecció de Dades (APDCAT) named the contest Data Protection by Design, following-up on its Protection of Privacy by Design contest from previous years.

With companies balking at complying with legal orders and governments struggling to find an appropriate balance between security measures and privacy/protection, the competition is timely in terms of the problem it’s attempting to solve.  

The contest accepts submissions from all companies, physical and legal persons and researchers and developers that have created apps or technical solutions “in the field of the protection of personal data that improve the implementation of security measures, enable compliance with the obligations established by law, reinforce people’s control over their own information, and in general facilitate management of privacy.”

Entries will be judged by panel of experts, including the president of the APDCAT, Maria Àngels Barbarà i Fondevila. Criteria include: innovation, maturity of the submission, benefits to data protection, technical quality, social impact, and the submission’s potential to improve the quality and efficiency of social services.

In an effort to garner more entries this year, APDCAT added English and French to its submission-eligible languages, in addition to the usual Catalan and Spanish.

The submission deadline is March 10, 2016, but additional information can be presented after that date. See the APDCAT website for exact regulations, here.

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