Just Cause: The Seven Tests, Third Edition

This treatise explores The Seven Tests of just cause over a 40-year period and reveals how arbitrators have applied them to interpret and decide workplace disputes over time, and as new issues have developed. Its comprehensive index and LA CDI numbers to Bloomberg BNA's Labor Arbitration Reports facilitate research on arbitrated cases.

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Meet The Authors

Kenneth May
Revision Editor-in-Chief
Donald F. Farwell (deceased)
Second Edition Revision Editor


Actual and hypothetical examples reveal how arbitrators interpret and decide workplace disputes.

Using criteria developed by master arbitrator Carroll R. Daugherty, Just Cause: The Seven Tests, Third Edition looks at The Seven Tests of just cause over a 40-year-development period and examines how the just cause principles enunciated in the 1960s have been applied to new areas of arbitration, such as sexual harassment and work and family issues.

The Third Edition includes material regarding notice, reasonable rules and orders, investigation, fair investigation, proof, equal treatment, and penalty, including:

  • Awards and court decisions involving just cause and sexual harassment
  • Work and family
  • Employment discrimination law and its interrelationship with labor arbitration
  • Disability
  • The relationship between employment arbitration and just cause jurisprudence

A comprehensive index and LA CDI numbers to BNA's Labor Arbitration Reports provide easy research and convenient references to arbitrated cases.

Just Cause: The Seven Tests, Third Edition provides a useful, objective view of arbitral issues as viewed through the conceptual framework of The Seven Tests.


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Adolph M. Koven was a prominent arbitrator for nearly 40 years.

Susan L. Smith is with the University of California at San Diego, San Diego, CA.

Kenneth May is an arbitrator and was formerly the lead editor of Labor Arbitration Reports, a component of Bloomberg BNA's Labor Relations Reporter, Arlington, VA.

Donald F. Farwell was formerly head of Bloomberg BNA's Book Division, Arlington, VA.


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