Chad A. Bice, CPA Principal


Rea & Associates, Inc.
Zanesville, OH

Major issues encountered:

Clients who know that they don’t know the extent of their nexus issues.

Years as a Bloomberg BNA subscriber:

Two years

Bloomberg BNA products most often used:

Estate Tax Nexus Tools

Real Problems. Real Solutions. The Bloomberg BNA State Tax Nexus Tools are useful for multiple purposes. We have used them for a quick check for nexus activities in discussions with clients, a good learning tool for newer staff, and a great time saver in report generation. Even our more experienced and knowledgeable staff have found it very useful in creating a base report, with appropriate citations to primary sources in addition to the annual Bloomberg BNA surveys, which can then be modified. In short, there are a variety of uses for the tools for firms of different size levels and for personnel of different experience levels.

One specific situation we had recently was with a number of trucking companies. These companies didn’t have the kind of traditional nexus-generating activities that you might commonly see with other business types, such as standing locations or mobile sales people. We did follow up with our own additional research, but the State Tax Nexus Tools saved us a lot of time and footwork in tracking down code provisions, and it had some insights on activities that we didn’t find through other sources.

We view the Bloomberg BNA State Tax Nexus Tools primarily as a TIME and MONEY saver. It only took one project for the State Tax Nexus Tools to pay for itself for the year. We would recommend it to other colleagues for those purposes, although you will likely want to supplement it with your own research for some projects (after all, it’s a tool, not a replacement for knowledgeable, skilled SALT staff).