Chemical Makers File Inventory Data As Aug. 13 Deadline Approaches, EPA Says

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As of Aug. 1, the Environmental Protection Agency has received 1,900 of the roughly 4,700 chemical inventory reports it expects to secure under the Chemical Data Reporting rule.

Also as of Aug. 1, EPA knows of another 2,300 inventory reports it expects to receive well before the Aug. 13 deadline, the agency told BNA.

A spokesman for the American Chemistry Council and Kathleen Roberts, a consultant for the environmental law firm Bergeson and Campbell P.C., who has worked on chemical inventory issues for many years, both told BNA that upgrades EPA made to its electronic filing system in May and June have improved the system significantly.

Once manufacturers register their contact details and locate the section of EPA's Central Data Exchange system where they are to file Chemical Data Reporting rule information are “very intuitive,” Roberts said.

She talked one client through the submission process, and they were done in half an hour, Roberts said.

In general, the regulation requires companies that made or imported chemicals in volumes of 25,000 pounds or more in 2011 to provide EPA with production volume, manufacturing site location, and other information. Companies that made or imported 100,000 pounds or more of a chemical also need to report information such as whether the chemical is intended for use in products that consumers or children use and the number of workers who may be exposed to it as it is used by other companies.

Data Used for Risk Screening

EPA uses Chemical Data Reporting rule submissions to support its risk screening, assessment, priority setting, and management activities. According to EPA, the data “constitute the most comprehensive source of basic screening-level, exposure-related information on chemicals available to EPA.”

Annual production and other data concerning chemical manufacturing and importing activities in 2011 were due June 30, but EPA extended the deadline until Aug. 13 after companies began to report problems with the electronic filing system they were required to use (112 DER A-20, 6/12/12).

By Pat Rizzuto  

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