They Got Cher, Babe: Singer to Star in Flint Flick


From the department of odd casting choices: an upcoming TV movie about the Flint water crisis has cast as its lead the auto-tuning, sequin-donning, plastic-surgery enthusiast Cher.

The famously one-named singer/actress will be starring in a Lifetime channel film based on the lead contamination problems that are still ongoing in the Michigan city, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The contamination came to light in 2014 after city managers began sourcing their water from the polluted Flint River without properly treating it, which caused the water to corrode the city’s aging pipes and leach lead into its taps.

At first glance, Cher may seem like a strange choice to star in a film on such a weighty topic. But she’s no stranger to advocacy in this area, donating hundreds of thousands of water bottles to Flint residents and sharply criticizing Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) on Twitter for his handling of the crisis, according to The Detroit News.