Chief Judge in Delaware Federal Court Rules in Patent Wave

Are you a life sciences company litigating a patent case or product liability matter in federal district court in Delaware? It’s likely you could wind up in front of Chief Judge Leonard P. Stark.

Life sciences companies Bristol-Myers Squibb & Co., Biogen and Takeda Corp. top the list of litigants who’ve appeared most often in Stark’s courtroom over the past 12 months, according to Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics.

And Stark’s experience in life sciences matters is impressive.

Since he joined the court as a U.S. magistrate judge in 2007, Stark has heard 1,669 patent cases. In the last year, he’s written decisions in 66 patent cases, 28 of them involving life sciences patents.

Meanwhile, patent case filings in federal court in Delaware have jumped since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in TC Heartland, LLC v. Kraft Food Group Brands, LLC nearly one year ago. The TC Heartland decision limited where patent owners can sue to where an alleged infringer is incorporated or has a principal place of business.

Because so many U.S. corporations are incorporated in Delaware, patent case filings have jumped in federal court there since the decision was issued.

President Barack Obama named Stark to the bench in 2010. He became chief judge in 2014.

He graduated from the University of Delaware and Yale Law School.

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