China Releases 2016 Paid Holiday Schedule

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Dec. 11—China's revised holiday schedule for 2016 was released by the State Council Dec. 10.

The State Council's Guobanfamingdian [2015] No. 18, Notice Regarding Official Holiday Arrangements for 2016, designates which days during the coming year will be considered work days and which will be considered legal holidays.

According to the State Council's notice, the paid holidays for 2016 are:

• New Year's : Jan. 1-3

• Spring Festival: Feb. 7 through Feb. 13; Saturday, Feb. 6 and Sunday, Feb. 14 become official work days

• Tomb Sweeping Day: April 2-4

• Labor Day: May 1-2

• Dragon Boat Festival: June 9-11; Sunday, June 12 becomes an official work day

• Mid-Autumn Festival: Sept. 15-17; Sunday, Sept. 18 becomes an official work day

• National Holiday: Oct. 1-7; Saturday, Oct. 8 and Sunday, Oct. 9 become official work days


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The State Council's Guobanfamingdian [2015] No.18, Notice Regarding Official Holiday Arrangements for 2016, can be found in Chinese at .

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