Class Action Litigation Report® is a one-stop resource for tracking the most important class-action and multi-party litigation across the nation. The report also tracks across all subjects with a particular focus on procedural aspects of class litigation, with analysis and practical guidance.

Expert News & Commentary

Assess the value, strengths, and weaknesses of your cases with this important report covering key developments that could affect your clients. Bloomberg BNA’s expansive network of reporters and commentators deliver the latest news on federal and state judicial and legislative developments affecting class actions, regardless of the underlying subject matter

Trusted Legal Analysis

Get insights from expert analysis of tactical approaches, such as the best way to handle interlocutory appeals of class certification rulings. Prepare to advise your clients based on expert analysis in BNA Insights articles, offering guidance on tactics, strategies, and trends from practicing attorneys.

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Powerful Research Features

Save time and increase productivity. This informative news resource makes it easy to locate hard-to-find information on pre-trial developments, bench rulings, unreported decisions, settlements, attorney fee petitions, and motions and pleadings in key cases.  

Special Features

Benefit from many features exclusive to Bloomberg BNA subscribers including the highly informative Attorneys’ Fee Tracking Tool and riveting in-depth interviews with class-action practice leaders.

Topics Included

  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Class certification
  • Class actions filed
  • Consumer issues
  • Employee benefits
  • Employment discrimination
  • Health care
  • Labor
  • Mass torts
  • Multidistrict litigation
  • Product liability
  • Securities
  • Verdicts and settlements
Key Laws & Regulations Covered
  • Class Action Fairness Act
  • Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23
  • Legislation to reform class-action litigation, and arbitration


Product Structure

Notification: current reports providing news and developments.

Formats and Frequency

Updated continually online, with email highlights.