Clean Air Interstate Rule

Latest Developments…

    The Environmental Protection Agency is considering revisions to the method for allocating power plant emission allowances under its Clean Air Interstate Rule. In a Jan. 7 supplementary proposed rule, the agency solicited comments on the CAIR proposal issued in August 2010. The proposal, which would amend regulations in 40 CFR 51, 52, 72, 78, and 97, is intended to help downward states attain federal ambient air quality standards for ozone and particulate matter. It also would replace CAIR, which was ruled that it failed to adequately ensure that the upwind emission reductions would be sufficient to help downwind states meet the air standards.
-- You can find the text of the January supplementary proposed rule in the Federal Register Archive
-- Read the text of the August 2010 proposed rule in the Federal Register Archive

Did you know…?
    About 30 states and the District of Columbia are covered under CAIR.
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