Clinton Seen Continuing Obama Merger Crackdown

Hillary Clinton 2A Hillary Clinton victory would likely mean the same kind of vigorous antitrust enforcement seen under President Barack Obama, especially with regard to huge corporate mergers.

Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, supports pending Justice Department litigation to block two major deals in the health insurance sector—Anthem Inc.’s proposed $48 billion acquisition of Cigna Corp. and Aetna Inc.’s $37 billion bid for Humana Inc.

The Democratic candidate has also vowed to appoint aggressive antitrust regulators to oversee the health-care sector and other “concentrated” industries.

“I think we can assume that a Clinton regime would carry on with enforcement pretty much the same way it’s being done under the Obama administration—with the caveat that there’s been increased pressure to ramp things up a bit more,” Stephen Calkins, a law professor at Wayne State University, told Bloomberg BNA.

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