CMS Asks for Information on Repeat Clinical Quality Measure Reporting

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By Alex Ruoff  

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is soliciting information on ways in which clinicians use clinical quality measures data reported to nonfederal programs to also report to the “meaningful use” and other Medicare programs, the agency said in a notice to be published in the Feb. 7 Federal Register.

CMS requested information on how clinicians use CQM data--such as health outcomes, patient safety reports, and clinical guidelines--reported to speciality boards, speciality societies, regional health care quality organizations, and other reporting programs to also collect data for reporting to the physician quality reporting system and the meaningful use program.

The agency said it is seeking input on how aligning the requirements of these nonfederal programs with meaningful use and the physician quality reporting system could “reduce the burden on clinicians and accelerate quality improvement.”

The physician quality reporting system is a Medicare program that uses a combination of incentive payments and payment adjustments to promote reporting of quality information by clinicians, CMS said.


CMS is asking a number of questions, including:

• How are current reporting requirements for the physician quality reporting system and reporting requirements in the meaningful use program similar to reporting requirements already established for speciality boards or to other nonfederal quality reporting programs?

• In what ways are reporting requirements for federal and nonfederal programs duplicative, and can these reporting programs be integrated to reduce reporting burdens on eligible professionals?

• Are there examples of other nonfederal programs under which clinicians report quality measures data?


Comments are due 60 days after the notice is published.

The notice to be published in the Federal Register is at

Comments can be submitted at

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