Combined Trend Analysis Clean Technology & Corporate Energy Efficiency Benchmark Report (Part 3)


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Over the next 25 years, America’s energy needs will grow by about 10 percent, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency’s 2012 Annual Energy Outlook. The EIA’s forecasts are based on an analysis of existing public policy and prevailing world economic projections, including oil prices exceeding $200 a barrel and electricity prices increasing 50 percent by 2035. Two economic forces critical to the country’s ability to meet these energy needs are the performance of U.S. companies that innovate and produce renewable energy, clean technology, and energy efficiency products or technology, and the energy use practices of U.S. business organizations.

Bloomberg BNA’s Clean Technology & Energy Efficiency Benchmark Series introduces Part 3: Combined Trend Analysis Clean Technology & Corporate Energy Efficiency Benchmark Report that offers insights into these two economic forces and their growing interdependence based on data from two reports in Bloomberg BNA’s Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency Benchmark Series, produced in conjunction with EnergyBoom Media Inc. 

The analysis in Part 3 finds four trends in the intersection of these two economic forces and its potential effects on future energy markets:


  • The growing supplier-customer relationships between RCE companies and a significant portion of U.S. business organizations;
  • The growing number of business organizations adding to the demand for renewable energy;
  • The trend of business organizations to generate a growing percentage of the energy they consume and, therefore, to become competitors to some RCE sub-sectors and customers to others; and
  • The negative view toward government incentives by both business organizations and RCE companies.




This survey is the third part of a three part series entitled, Bloomberg BNA’s Clean Technology & Energy Efficiency Benchmark Series.

The first in the series, Part1: Clean Technology Industry Benchmark Report provides insight from companies operating in the RCE (Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Energy Efficiency) sector on issues critical to their success. Topics covered include; government energy policy and regulatory trends; forecasts for price parity in technologies like solar, wind, geothermal, etc.; obstacles to RCE implementation, financial performance and more. 

The second in the series, Part 2: Corporate Energy Efficiency Benchmark Report (link to page) surveys almost 300 organizations from a cross section of industries, including government, on topics including future energy efficiency trends and investments, impact of government incentives (or lack of), investments in vehicle fleets, teleconferencing trends to reduce GHG emission from employee travel, self generation capacity, and many more. 


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