Who is Conducting IPOs in Europe? A Look at Industry Sectors

2016 Top Industries Europe IPOs

The consumer, non-cyclical sector was the top sector in 2016 with 52 IPOs, bringing in $7.5 billion, according to Bloomberg Law data.

The largest deals in this sector were the Nets A/S IPO in September ($2.4 billion raised) and the ConvaTec Group IPO in October ($2 billion raised).

Five-Year Trends?

Over the last five years, the financial and consumer, non-cyclical sectors generally outperformed other industry sectors by number and dollar value of IPOs.

The industrial and consumer, cyclical industry sectors competed for the third spot in four of the last five years.

The financial sector raised the most funds from 2012 to2015, outperforming the next top two sectors by a factor of two or more in some years.  However, in 2016 it came in second by both number of IPOs (46) and the dollar value raised ($6.3 billion), with the largest deal priced in June by ASR Nederland ($1.2 billion raised).

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