Congressional Bill Search

Searching Congressional Bills provides a legislative search pre-populated to search the current Congress's House and Senate Bills, as well as options to search through all the bills with a variety of filers. As with all Bloomberg Law search pages, you are able to save this source as a Favorite, or set alerts for particular searches.

Example: Search all U.S. House and Senate Bills from the current Congress on the Congressional Research Service topic of financial services and investments.
  1. From the Bloomberg Law menu, select Bloomberg Law Menu, select Legislative & Regulatory, and click Search Congressional Bills.
  2. The current Congress pre-populates the Select Sources field. To search bills from other congressional sessions, de-select these entries, click the Browsebutton, expand the U.S. Congress entry and make your selections.
  3. In the CRS Index Term field, input financial, and from the drop-down list, select Financial services and investments.
  4. Click Search. The bills matching the search appear.
  5. From the left side of your Results page, you can Modify or Filter your search, as well as Create a Search Alert.