Consumer (Connected) Electronics Show


Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is a well-known electronics and technology trade show, annually held in January in Las Vegas. Some of the products that debuted at CES over the years include the videocassette recorder (VCR), the camcorder and the digital versatile disc (DVD). 

This year, however, the hot topic in town was the Internet of things, or devices that connect to the Internet.

Last year, there were more than five billion devices connected to the Internet—including automobiles, smart TVs and wearables—and that figure is expected to “quintuple” by 2020. As electronic devices, including children’s toys, and other consumer products become more connected, some products presented at the latest CES included non-physical products such as software, including Pandora

But what about the show’s name? 

As the products on display evolve, maybe organizers should think of replacing the “E” for “electronics” with something more … current. Does the “Connected Consumer Show” sound too much like a game show? How about the Consumer Software Show? The Consumer Apps Show? CSS or CAS still sound cool, right? We’ll see if the show’s name develops along with its content.

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