Contract Bargaining Handbook for Local Union Leaders, Second Edition

This is the union leader or union attorney’s essential nuts-and-bolts handbook on bargaining for pay, fringes, and other terms and conditions of employment in sectors ranging from manufacturing to the retail, service, and local government. It includes step-by-step checklists to guide you through the process.

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Meet The Authors

Kenneth May (deceased)
Revisor (Second Edition)


The nuts-and-bolts handbook on bargaining for pay, fringes, and other terms and conditions of employment.

Newly revisedin its Second Edition, Contract Bargaining Handbook for Local Union Leaders describes the tools and tactics that set the most effective locals apart from the rest. The Handbook’s no-nonsense instructions, summaries, and checklists provide a step-by-step roadmap to guide union representatives through the bargaining process. Coverage includes both traditional and win-win negotiating techniques, all with an eye to enabling you to recognize strengths and weaknesses, find your best strike and no-strike alternatives, and avoid impasse.

Highlights of the Second Edition include:

  • Suggestions for contract proposals in health, safety, and individual rights
  • Internet resources that provide must-have information
  • How to file charges and communicate with federal agencies in the electronic age
  • Updated discussion on the use of spreadsheets in bargaining
  • Revised commentary on the use of strikes and other pressure tactics
  • New section on litigation strategies
  • And more! 



Part I – Preparation for Bargaining

  • Ch. 1 – Organizational Activities
  • Ch. 2 – Developing Bargaining Proposals
  • Ch. 3 – Bargaining Proposals and Priorities
  • Ch. 4 – Presenting Financial Information in Bargaining
  • Ch. 5 – Presenting Pay and Fringe Benefit Comparisons
  • Ch. 6 – Presenting Economic Data in Bargaining

Part II – The Bargaining Process

  • Ch. 7 – The Law of Contract Bargaining
  • Ch. 8 – Bargaining Activities
  • Ch. 9 – The Local Union Negotiator’s Toolbox
  • Ch. 10 – Costing Out Contract Proposals
  • Ch. 11 – Bargaining Contract Language
  • Ch. 12 – Bargaining Impasse and Third-Party Intervention
  • Ch. 13 – Strikes and the Strike Alternative

Part III – Special Bargaining Situations

  • Ch. 14 – Bargaining in the Government Sector
  • Ch. 15 – Employee-Management Cooperation


Our authors and editors are practicing professionals with insider perspectives and real-life experience. Learn more about this book’s authors and editors.

Maurice Better is a retired professor and associate director of the School for Workers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.


Kenneth May was an arbitrator and the lead editor of Labor Arbitration Reports, a component of our Labor Relations Reporter, Arlington, VA. He was a member of the Executive Board of the Labor and Employment Relations Association.


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