Search and Taxonomies

Our search interface allows you to combine specialized taxonomy terms and keywords in many ways and adjust the relative importance of each concept.


Tens of thousands of pre-built dashboards enable quick, up-to-the minute viewing of clients, competition, business, company, and industry information.  Our highly filtered dashboards ensure relevance, and also provide deeper search capability.  You can also customize your own dashboards.  A mobile version is also available for on-the-go access.

Easy Set Up

After establishing your search parameters, Convergence’s alerting functionality allows you to schedule start and end dates and the timing and recurrence of notifications.  You can also create and save distribution lists for email notifications.  Search results can be integrated into intranet or shared internal websites or shared externally as emails or customized newsletters.

Content Sources

Get access to tens of thousands of sources including general news and commentary, as well as legal and government news and commentary.


You can manage content and distribute it the way you want, e.g., reports, dashboards, RSS, HTML, API, as well as integration into Sharepoint.

Format and Frequency

Convergence is an online tool with continuous updating.


Jennifer Spector, Electronic Resources Librarian, Thompson Coburn LLP

‘Supercharge your library’s ability to find and deliver information. BNAConvergence enables you to create branded reports using their taxonomy searches, your keywords. Now on a daily basis we can send automated and curated reports meeting the information needs of users. They system is easy to learn and coupled with excellent customer service.’

Elaine Lee, Content Integration Lead, Baker & Hostetler LLP

‘BNAConvergence allows me to control the content sources, the look and feel, the frequency, and the distribution lists of the alerts I create, and keeps me informed about the topics I’m monitoring.’