Corporate Close-Up: Increasing Value with a Tax Department COO

Join us for a Webinar Tues., April 26, in which Leslie Fox, Philip Murphy and Rob Wentland discuss the prevalence, skills and benefits of a Tax Department Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) and common obstacles to implementing this dynamic function. The panelists will discuss:

• The role of a Tax Department COO
• The incremental value of a Tax Department COO 
• Commonly asked questions about adding a Tax Department COO 
• Previews of a survey to systematically collect data to study the prevalence, skills and benefits of a Tax Department COO

The elevated profile and scrutiny of tax department leadership is arguably at an all-time high. Increased reputation risk of domestic and international tax policies is spawning new inquiries from the Investor Relations, Public Relations and General Counsel’s offices. New international disclosure requirements are broadly expected to increase controversies. M&A, global expansion and general business growth increase the volume of data, multiply the complexity of intercompany arrangements and increase tax department compliance requirements.

 The number of spinning plates is daunting but compliance, tax reporting and disclosure timelines remain inflexible.
In some cases, headcount, technology, and outside resources are added to address the increased responsibilities and controversies. Alternatively, the additional burden falls to existing resources. In the midst of this whirlwind, tax department leadership is asked to think strategically, retain the best performers and foster an engaging workplace.

 Join us to discuss how the Tax Department COO can help address the challenges facing, and aspirations of, tax department leadership.

 Educational Objectives:
• The prevalence of Tax Department COOs today
• Desired skills of a Tax Department COO
• The drivers leading to an increase in Tax Department COOs
• Tangible benefits from adding a Tax Department COO 
• Common obstacles to implementing the Tax Department COO position

 Who would benefit most from attending this program?
• Chief Tax Officer (CTO) / Chief Tax Counsel
• Directors of Tax (or similar role with tax department leadership responsibilities) 
• Chief Financial Officer or Director of Finance
• Tax Department operations leaders

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