Court Opinions Search

The Opinion Specialized Search provides a keyword and fielded search over U.S. federal and state court opinions.

How To Access the Court Opinion Specialized Search
  1. From the Bloomberg Law menu, click Search.
  2. From the Specialized Searches list, click the Court Opinions link.
How to Use the Court Opinions Search
  1. Select Sources: You can search one or many of Bloomberg Law's docket coverage by typing into the auto-complete field or clicking the Search and Browse button. This extensive docket coverage includes many U.S. state, federal courts as well as some global courts.
  2. Keywords: You can search for exact phrases by placing them in quotes, or connect keywords using Boolean search operators. Click on the Search Help link for a complete list of search operators.
  3. Select Topic: An auto-complete functionality will suggest possible topics as you type.
  4. Select Industry: In this field, you can type the first letters and receive a list of matching results. This returns opinions where the referenced industry plays a significant role in the court's determination.
  5. Party Name: Entering a party name in the field searches the parties to the opinion.
  6. Case Name: Use this field to quickly find a case where you know the parties that are listed in the case name.
  7. Judge: Enter a Judge's last name in  the Judge field to search by judge.
  8. Attorney or Law Firm: Narrow your search result by entering an attorney or law firm name on this search field.
  9. Date Range: Bloomberg Law searches default to having "No Date Selection" which means that it will search all dates. If you would like to narrow your date range click the Date Range dropdown menu and select from the drop-down list.
  10. Recently Used: Displays your favorites and recently used sources.