Custom Report

Custom Company Reports allows you to customize the contents of your Company Report. You can include specific categories of information and customize the output.

How to Create A Custom Report

  1. To access the Custom Report Writer, enter "Company Report" in the Search Bar, select Company Report Writer from the auto-complete drop-down list. Alternatively, click the Browse All Content menu, click Business Intelligence and select Company Report Writer.
  2. In the Ticker field, type the ticker or name of the company using the auto-complete pick list to select the company. Click the Custom Report button Icon_Custom Report to select the fields to be included in the report.

Company Report Writer_1


  • (Optional) In the Report Name field, input a new name.
  • Select the Format.
  • Check and uncheck the Report Content checkboxes to specify the content to include in the report. Most content has options for additional content option selections. Make those selections as needed. 
  • (Optional) If you select the Recent Litigation, Recent Filings or Company News sections, click the Browse button Icon_Browse to select specific documents. The Browse button reverts to Hide when content options are displayed. 
  • (Optional) Click Reset to Default to load the original criteria for the selected section.
  • (Optional) Click Save Template to save the criteria for future use.
  • Click Generate Report.

Company Report Writer_2


  • To view the report, click My Work History at the top of the screen and select Downloads. Recently added documents display in the frame to the right of the Downloads button, click View All Downloads and click the Report Name to view the full text report.
  • Select the report to Delete, Zip/Download or add the report to your Workspace.

Company Report Writer_A