Create a New Workspace

Use Workspaces to manage your workflow by creating virtual files to organize and share research.

How to Create a New Workspace

From the Bloomberg Law menu bar click My Work History, and select Workspaces. The list of Workspace activity automatically displays with the Manage Your Workspaces link at the bottom of the list.            


To add another Workspace, click Create Workspace link.






The Create New Workspace dialog box displays.

* When you first view the Workspaces screen, a single default workspace with your user name displays. 
*You cannot delete this Workspace.

Create Workspace 1


Enter the Name for the Workspace. You can also enter a Description and Client Matter selection. 

*If you enter a name which is not valid, the Workspace is not saved.


Use the Distribute To field to share your Workspace with colleagues. Begin typing the name of a Bloomberg Law user at your organization. The auto-complete functionality displays the applicable name(s). After you select a name, the name appears below Distribute To.