Create & Use Tags in Workspaces

Classify Workspace documents with customized Tags, and use them to access specific documents/searches within a Workspace.


*Note: Workspace tags work similarly, but separately from Alerts Tags.

How to Use the Workspace Settings to Add a Tag

From the Bloomberg Law menu bar click My Work History, and select Workspaces. The list of Workspace activity automatically displays with the Manage Your Workspaces link at the bottom of the list.  




Click the Workspaces tab to view the list of Workspaces. Select a Workspace. 





Click the Settings tab, and in the Add Tags frame, enter the name of a new tag.

Click Add.  The tag is now available.





How to Add a Workspace Tag When Saving a Document to Workspace

Load a document and click +Workspace

Tags 2A



The Add to Workspace dialog displays.

In the Tags field, input the name of the new Tag.

Click Create New.   

The tag appears in the tags list and is already selected.



How to Apply Tags to Documents and Searches in a Workspace
  1. Open Workspace.
  2. Select the documents to tag
  3. Click Apply Tags
  4. The Apply Tags dialog box displays.
  5. Select a tag or Create a new one.
  6. Click Apply. The tag is applied and also appears in the Tags filter options.